ECS 200

Teachers Professionalism

3- Something I have learned this semester is to think about the ways in which we teach students. What are your educational philosophies? Do you want to promote social change in your classroom? Do you like the traditional way of teaching or would you like to see change? All very important questions. Teaching should never just be a regurgitation of curriculum, it is so much more than that. I had no idea before these articles that teaching was ever not considered a real profession. There is so much you must know before teaching, and about teaching in order to teach well. This surprised me. Another thing I realized while reading was that people do not realize teachers live a life dedicated to their work quite literally. Most work is done outside of school hours, and teachers are expected to live morally in their private life as well. For someone who wants to become a teacher, this is hardly a large task. but for teacher to earn the respect they deserve, people should know this!

2- The first connection I made with the readings this week were to do with the education every teacher must go through in order to teach. In my CBSL placement, my partner for the YWCA girl space is not in education, but justice studies. Something I have noticed is that she is unable to point out obvious dos and donts with discussions and activities, while we are facilitating. I find myself taking the wheel. I feel as though this is stemming from my time in the education program and learning about teaching as a profession. I am able to take the wheel and lead the program wherever the students take me, which is a great learning experience. But I never could have done it as well as I do without learning how to educate! Another connection I made was to an educational theorist none other than Maxine Greene who has become one of my favorites. She to believes that students and teachers should be driving social change, and are societies future. I love the idea of teaching with this in mind.

1- A question I had while reading, was that maybe if society was aware of the work and dedication teachers put into their work, would teachers gain more respect? But also, this seems too simple. How can teachers gain the respect they deserve?


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